How to get "display name" and "device name" for Teams Device with Graph API/via api

Vivian Escalante 21 Reputation points

Hello, I'm trying to get a device's display name and device name, but the endpoint I'm using doesn't seem to include these fields:

Does anyone know how I can retrieve these field values? Thanks.Screenshot 2024-06-12 at 12.04.10 AM

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  1. Dinesh Rajagoni (Tata Consultancy Services Limi) 50 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    Hi Vivian Escalante - Thanks for raising the query. To retrieve a device's display name and device name using the Microsoft Graph API, follow these steps:

    1. API Endpoint: Use GET /teamwork/devices/{id}. See the Microsoft Graph API documentation for details.
    2. Permissions: Ensure your app has the TeamworkDevice.Read.All permission. Refer to the Microsoft Graph permissions reference.
    3. Request Headers: Include the authorization header: Authorization: Bearer {token}.
    4. Sample Request: Use cURL to make the request:
         curl -H "Authorization: Bearer {token}" -X GET{id}
    5. Response: A successful response will return a 200 OK status with a teamworkDevice object containing the display name and device name.
    6. Microsoft Teams JavaScript Client Library: If building an app for Microsoft Teams, use the Microsoft Teams JavaScript client library to request permissions for device capabilities and update your app manifest accordingly.
    7. Additional Information: Note that APIs under the /beta version are subject to change. Check for availability in the v1.0 version.

    Following these steps will help you retrieve the display name and device name of a Microsoft Teams-enabled device.

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