How to disconnect a BLE device after successful connection

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I have successfully connected to BLE device by using BluetoothLEDevice.FromIdAsync(deviceInfo.Id) and bluetoothLeDevice.GetGattServicesAsync(BluetoothCacheMode.Cached) API's in unpaired mode over Windows 10 with .NET Framework 4.7.2 but I was unsuccessful in disconnecting from the BLE device even with the dispose code listed below and also clearing the characteristics. How do I correctly close the BLE connection?



                var services = Task.Run(async () => await bluetoothLeDevice.GetGattServicesAsync()).Result;

                foreach (var service in services.Services)






            catch (Exception ex)





            int n = 0;

            while (bluetoothLeDevice.ConnectionStatus != BluetoothConnectionStatus.Disconnected)


                Task.Run(async () => Thread.Sleep(1000)); // Wait for the device to disconnect

                Debug.WriteLine($"Checking Disconnection Status!, Delay Seconds: {n}");



            bluetoothLeDevice = null;
```Thanks in Advance!


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