404 Error when Performing Actions in Azure Data Explorer with Client Credentials

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I am currently working on an application that utilizes Azure Data Explorer, and I am attempting to use client credentials for authentication. While I have successfully authenticated, I encounter a 404 error whenever I attempt to perform any actions.

Here are the steps I have taken and the configurations I have made:

API Permissions:

  • Azure Data Explorer: user_impersonation
  • Microsoft Graph: offline_access, User.Read

IAM Roles:

In the Virtual Network and Subscription, I have assigned the following roles to my application:

  • Contributor
  • Owner
  • User Access Administrator

Cluster Permissions:

Under "Security and network" in the Azure Data Explorer Cluster, I have added my application with the following roles:

  • Cluster AllDatabasesAdmin
  • Cluster AllDatabasesViewer
  • Cluster AllDatabasesMonitor

Database Permissions:

For the specific database, I have assigned the following permissions to my application:

  • Database Admin
  • Database Viewer
  • Database User
  • Database UnrestrictedViewer
  • Database Ingestor
  • Database Monitor

Despite these configurations, I continue to receive a 404 error when trying to perform the  action of POST with URI template /v1/rest/query:


Could you please assist me in identifying what might be causing this issue and provide guidance on how to resolve it? Does Data Explorer’s API support this flow? 

Thank youI

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