Upload a document to Assistant Vector Store in Azure Open AI

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I am new to Azure Open AI and looking for a way to upload a document to Assistant Vector Store using REST API (HTTPs). I have a limitation and cannot use AzureOpenAI API as I would need to install DLLs in my system. The code should be something like below but I get "Resource not found" in response. Something is off. Please help. Thanks.


Dim apiKey As String = "myapikeyhere"

Dim endpoint As String = "https://myresource.openai.azure.com"


Using client As New HttpClient()

    client.DefaultRequestHeaders.Authorization = New AuthenticationHeaderValue("Bearer", apiKey)

    Dim url As String = $"{endpoint}/openai/vectorstores?api-version=2024-05-01-preview"

    Dim response As HttpResponseMessage = client.GetAsync(url).Result



End Using

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