How to get free data hosting for C# desktop application?

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I want to design an application with multiple users in my C# wpf project. In short, with the application, users will be able to send and receive some non-large-scale data. Since I don't have the budget, I want to do this for free. I thought of Google Spreadsheets for this. As far as I understand, it doesn't seem possible for free. Can you give me an idea about this? What method should I follow in such a scenario? Where and how is it appropriate to store data?


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  1. Johan Smarius 465 Reputation points MVP

    One option could be to store your data in CosmosDB (Cosmos documentation). Azure offers a free plan to store some data for free (Free hosting option). You can connect your WPF application to this database through Azure Functions (Azure Functions). There is also a free option for limited but generous payloads (Azure Functions pricing model). This option does require a permanent connection to the internet. Should that not be possible you could cache the online data of course in a localdb database and sync it when there is a network connection.

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  2. Hongrui Yu-MSFT 1,020 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    Hi,@fatih uyanık. Welcome to Microsoft Q&A. 

    1.If your users are LAN users, you can consider Socket communication, which is completely free and easy to operate.

    For related operations of Socket, you can refer to the official document (Use Sockets to send and receive data over TCP - .NET | Microsoft Learn).


    Use Socket Server as a public base station to store data locally. Data can be saved using IO/MySql/Redis, which are all free.


    Different users communicate with Socket Server using Socket Client to transmit and receive data


    2.If your users are WAN users. You can refer to what Johan Smarius said, using Azure Functions

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