Django deployment on Azure App Service -- makemigrations fails with "no installed app"

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I am learning Django and followed the following tutorial:

I actually started by deploying a different basic app following these instructions. Once I got this error, I decided to follow the steps exactly and use the MS Learn sample app. Either way, I get the same error.

Once I SSH into the app and try to run makemigrations I get an error: "No installed app with label 'dog_shelters'. Makemigrations works perfectly locally.

Here's my installed apps from


And the class definition from

from django.apps import AppConfig

class DogSheltersConfig(AppConfig):
    name = 'dog_shelters'

Here's my directory structure in case it's helpful:

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And a few lines showing the files correctly deployed:

(antenv) root@dog-shelters-test-app_1e018010:/tmp/8dc8ee8fd212757# ls ./
antenv  db.sqlite3  dog_shelters  project  requirements.txt  venv  
(antenv) root@dog-shelters-test-app_1e018010:/tmp/8dc8ee8fd212757# ls ./project/  __pycache__

I have double-checked each step in the tutorial and cannot figure out where I went wrong.

Thank you!

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