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I have few questions: 1. I want to use the azure AI search in the copilot studio. I want the detailed description on the implementation that is needed. I am getting confused in the parameters that are necessary to setup while adding the open ai search in the copilot 2. My question is that is the free version of azure ai search resource can not be used for integration of azure ai search with the copilot studio ? 3. why even after integrating the Microsoft copilot studio with the azure ai search, my copilot is not able to answer the user questions saying that the knowledge couldn't be found. Also give me the steps to create an extended copilot with the azure ai search.

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    Hello, @alok shukla

    Set up Azure AI Search: Create an Azure AI Search resource in your Azure portal. Ensure you have the necessary indexes and data sources configured.
    Connect to Copilot Studio: In Copilot Studio, use the plugin or integration settings to connect to your Azure AI Search resource. You’ll need to provide the service URL and API key.

    Configure Parameters: Define the parameters that Copilot will use to query your Azure AI Search indexes. This typically includes setting up the search schema, fields, and any filters or facets.

    Test Integration: Once connected, test the integration by querying your indexes from within Copilot Studio to ensure that it can retrieve and utilize the data correctly.

    The free version of Azure AI Search should be compatible with Copilot Studio, but there may be limitations on queries or index size.

    I hope this info is helpful to you.

    Best Regard,
    Alan Cason