How can I recover my Azure account?

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I have been locked out of my Azure account. Recently I created my azure account with my microsoft user. However, it was behaving strangely and I had to reset the authenticator app. I thought that resetting my microsoft user authenticator app would be enough, and deleted the authenticator code for the Azure account. Apparently the Azure account and the microsoft account are separate so now I have been locked out Azure. How can I recover my Azure account? Please note I setup my Azure account for personal use, so there is no organization admin or something anything like that.

Microsoft Authenticator
Microsoft Authenticator
A Microsoft app for iOS and Android devices that enables authentication with two-factor verification, phone sign-in, and code generation.
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  1. Claudia Dos Santos Haz (CONCENTRIX CORPORATION) 1,010 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    Hi @

    Thank you for reaching out to Microsoft Q&A forum!

    I understand the situation you’re facing. Let’s get you back into your Azure account! Here are the steps you can follow:

    Check Authenticator App Accounts:

    • Make sure no accounts have been added to the newly installed Microsoft Authenticator app.
      • If you’re recovering your personal Microsoft account, ensure that you don’t already have a personal Microsoft account set up in the authenticator app.
      Sign In with Recovery Account:
      - Sign in to the Microsoft Authenticator app using your recovery account (the one you used during setup).
         - This step is crucial to ensure that you don’t accidentally overwrite or erase an existing account.
         **Recover Account Credentials**:
            - In the Authenticator app, go to the “Accounts” screen.
               - Tap the account you want to recover to open the full-screen view.
                  - Tap the tile for the account you’re recovering.
                     - Choose the option to sign in to recover.
                        - [Enter your password and confirm your email address or phone number for additional verification]([1]([2](

    If you encounter any issues during this process, consider reaching out to the Azure/365 Data Protection team at 866-807-5850. Additionally, for future scenarios, you can create an emergency access account (often referred to as a “break glass” account) in Azure AD to prevent similar lockouts3. I hope this helps you regain access to your Azure account!

    Best regards,

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