RecordingFileStatus is not getting triggered

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eyJQbGF0Zm9ybUVuZHBvaW50SWQiOiI1YTAwODQ4MC1hZmIwLTRkOGMtOGU4MC0wNTM5MTJkYTMwODkiLCJSZXNvdXJjZVNwZWNpZmljSWQiOiI3YmVjYTlhOS04YThhLTQwNjItOTRlYy0yOTBhNjE1ZjliMTMifQ this is my recording id i am trying with the azure blob storage and without it also i am unable to get back the RecordingFileStatusUpdated

  1. this is waht i am using for azure blob without that i am removing that line but still i havent got the trigger event
  2. thats my storage container url for review please check it and give the solution
  3. i am able to start the recordind adn end the recording though i ended the call it is not giving the event please check thatDockerfileCopy


recording_response = call_automation_client.start_recording(call_locator=ServerCallLocator(server_call_id),
            recording_content_type = RecordingContent.AUDIO,
            recording_channel_type = RecordingChannel.MIXED,
            recording_format_type = RecordingFormat.MP3,
            recording_state_callback_url = DOWNLOADING_CALL_URL, 
            # recording_storage=AzureBlobContainerRecordingStorage(container_url=STO
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