Is it possible to just include the right DLLs?

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I'm running QuickBasic under DosBox and officially it allows you to include dynamically linked libraries.

Recognizing that every new OS was written in one prior to that and the fact that QuickBasic does implement viewports and such, I was curious whether it's possible to include a minimal set of the right dynamically linked libraries in QuickBasic and compile to an executable, in such a way that I may implement Windows-programs for the latest operating systems in QuickBasic.

If this is possible, I'm specifically also interested in dynamically linked libraries that implement locking mechanisms for processes, meaning that I can lock and unlock code so it runs in dedicated mode. Otherwise I fear I may run into problems with port input and output commands, like INP and OUT.

My first goal is to implement a fully dedicated shell, meaning that it's not possible for networking processes to interrupt, because until I'm done, the rest of the operating system simply locks.

In the same way, I've noticed that for instance spreadsheet programs don't lock when redoing the math, meaning that interleaving causes math mistakes you wouldn't expect to be there. These programs when they were run in dedicated mode didn't make these mistakes and now we get errors in our administration.

I would like to stress the importance of dividing multi-tasking programs in discrete blocks, meaning that every process "UNLOCK" (handback to the OS) should immediately be followed by "LOCK" to guarantee secure computing and no code should fall outside a process LOCK - UNLOCK program block. Programming languages when set to multi-tasking should make this mandatory.

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