Custom Translator Phrase Dictionary only working with exact case

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We have an issue that our Fully trained Custom Translator engine is not using the right phrases.

It's trained with about 18,000 segments + 700 terms in phrase dictionaries.

If we match the case exactly, it seems to work, but if we don't it's hit or miss what we will get.

I can't give specific examples since the data is PIP; but I have multiple entries I tested with. For example, if the dictionary entry is "The ABC Corp" and the sentence contains "we at the ABC corp believe....," it doesn't work, but "we at The ABC corp.." might work and "we at The ABC Corp" will work.

The other thing we found is astrerisk completely rules out a match, "The ABC* Corp" will never match "The ABC Corp" regardless of case variation. This one does makes more sense, but I would expected that some punctation would be ignored.

Is there something I can do to make the Phrase dictionary less observant of capitalization/punctuation?

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