Given subscription key - how to find associated user?

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How do I find the user associated with a subscription key?
I understand I can find Sub key associated with a user. But is there a way to find User associated with a specific sub key?

Azure API Management
Azure API Management
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  1. SwathiDhanwada-MSFT 18,551 Reputation points

    @Martin Kallukalam Here is sample script where it checks all the apim instances within your subscription to identify the respective subscription Id and user who owns it. Kindly fill in the respective values where "xxx" is mentioned.

    try {
        "Logging in to Azure..."
        Connect-AzAccount  -Tenant "xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxx" 
    catch {
        Write-Error -Message $_.Exception
        throw $_.Exception
    $subscriptions = Get-AzSubscription -SubscriptionId "xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxx"
    Set-AzContext -Subscription $subscriptions[0]
    $apiminstances = Get-AzApiManagement
    foreach (  $apim in $apiminstances) {
        $apimContext = New-AzApiManagementContext -ResourceGroupName $apim.ResourceGroupName -ServiceName $apim.Name
        $sId = Get-AzApiManagementSubscription -Context $apimContext
        foreach ($s in $sId) {
            $subKey = Get-AzApiManagementSubscriptionKey -Context $apimContext -SubscriptionId $s.SubscriptionId 
            if ($subKey.PrimaryKey -eq "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" -or $subKey.SecondaryKey -eq "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx") {
                $subtemp = Get-AzApiManagementSubscription -context $apimContext -SubscriptionId $s.SubscriptionId
                $user = Get-AzApiManagementUser -Context $apimContext -UserId $subtemp.UserId
                Write-Host "Subscription ID: " + $s.SubscriptionId + " User ID: " + $user.Id + " User Email: " + $user.Email
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