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I just try to install RDS in an new server 2019, quick start, virtual machine-based desktop deployment, and the template I installed a hyper-v and install Win10, run the sysprep, anyone can help me?

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Remote Desktop
Remote Desktop
A Microsoft app that connects remotely to computers and to virtual apps and desktops.
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  1. Ganeshkumar R 590 Reputation points

    The error message in your screenshot indicates that the Remote Desktop Services (RDS) deployment failed while creating the virtual desktop template. Specifically, it mentions an issue with adding the virtual switch to the virtual desktop. This could be related to several factors, including Hyper-V configuration, network settings, or permissions.

    Here are some steps you can take to troubleshoot and resolve this issue:

    1. Verify Hyper-V Installation and Configuration

    • Ensure Hyper-V is Properly Installed: Verify that Hyper-V is correctly installed and configured on your server.
    • Check Virtual Switch Configuration: Make sure that a virtual switch is created and properly configured in Hyper-V Manager.
      • Open Hyper-V Manager.
      • Go to "Virtual Switch Manager" and ensure that there is at least one virtual switch created and configured.

    2. Network Adapter Configuration

    • Ensure Network Adapters are Available: Verify that the network adapters are available and correctly configured.
    • Assign the Virtual Switch to Network Adapters: Make sure that the virtual switch is assigned to the correct network adapter.

    3. Permissions and Access

    • Administrative Permissions: Ensure that you have administrative permissions to create and manage virtual switches and virtual machines.

    4. Review Sysprep Configuration

    • Verify Sysprep Execution: Ensure that Sysprep was executed successfully without any errors on the Windows 10 VM.
    • Check Sysprep Logs: Review the Sysprep logs for any errors that might indicate issues during the preparation process.

    5. Event Viewer Logs

    • Check Event Viewer: Review the Event Viewer logs for any errors or warnings related to Hyper-V, networking, or RDS deployment. This can provide more details on what went wrong.

    6. Reattempt Deployment

    • Restart RDS Deployment: After verifying and correcting the above configurations, reattempt the RDS deployment process.

    Example Steps to Create a Virtual Switch in Hyper-V

    1. Open Hyper-V Manager:
      • Go to Start, type "Hyper-V Manager", and open it.
    2. Create a Virtual Switch:
      • In Hyper-V Manager, click on "Virtual Switch Manager" on the right-hand side.
      • Select "New virtual network switch".
      • Choose the type of virtual switch (External, Internal, or Private) and click "Create Virtual Switch".
      • Configure the virtual switch settings and assign it to the appropriate network adapter.
      • Click "OK" to save the changes.

    Example Steps to Verify Sysprep Execution

    1. Check Sysprep Logs:
      • Navigate to C:\Windows\System32\Sysprep\Panther\ and open the setupact.log file.
      • Review the log for any errors or issues during the Sysprep process.
    2. Ensure Sysprep Completed Successfully:
      • Ensure that the Windows 10 VM was shut down properly after running Sysprep.

    Additional Resources

    • Microsoft Documentation: Refer to the official Microsoft documentation for Remote Desktop Services and Hyper-V for detailed guidance.
    • Community Forums: Check community forums and knowledge bases for similar issues and potential solutions.

    If these steps do not resolve the issue, please provide additional details or error messages, and I can assist you further.