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Manojkumar Ganesamoorthy 0 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

Created a Hybrid Index (Vector + Keyword) and uploaded a few documents in AI Studio.

Using AI Studio to chat (Q&A, Summarize etc.) with the documents.

Ask : What is MSFT official guidance/recommendation to surface anomalies or inconsistencies in content/text that’s returned from the search results.


Document 1 – Containing a reference to storage of 10GB

Document 2 – Containing a reference to storage of 15GB

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  1. Azar 21,645 Reputation points MVP

    Hi there Manojkumar Ganesamoorthy

    Thats a good question and thanks for using QandA platform

    for this i guess yyou can use AI and machine learning techniques to analyze and compare the content of returned documents. In your case, after creating a Hybrid Index (Vector + Keyword) and uploading documents in AI Studio, you can use vector embeddings to find semantically similar documents and highlight differences in specific attributes (e.g., storage size).

    or Use keyword-based queries to identify documents containing specific terms and compare these terms across documents.

    you can also write custom scripts to parse and compare the content of documents, focusing on attributes like storage size.


    • Document 1 mentions 10GB of storage.
    • Document 2 mentions 15GB of storage.

    By running these analyses, you can surface inconsistencies and flag them for review.

    If this helps kindly accept the answer thanks much.