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Can't add and remove certificates at the same request.

I have an ARM template I'm using to create a service fabric resource. I'm using it to set the client certificate and the admin client certificate. The ARM section in properties looks like this:

 "certificate": {
     "thumbprint": "[parameters('certificateThumbprint')]",
     "x509StoreName": "[parameters('certificateStoreValue')]"
 "clientCertificateCommonNames": [],
 "clientCertificateThumbprints": [
         "isAdmin": true,
         "certificateThumbprint": "[parameters('clientCertificateThumbprint')]";

This use to work just fine, but now when I run it, I get this message:

     "error": {
         "code": "CantAddAndRemoveCertificatesAtSameTime",
         "message": "Can't add and remove certificates at the same request.",
         "details": []

What changed?

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Did you changes the api version of service fabric ?

Did you got this error when you ran the template second time? like creation went well and next update failed with this error.

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