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I use Outlook 365 and I have 3 email accounts and my rules use to worked on my old laptop but I had to replace my laptop and now my rules don't work but only on my pop3 account (@comcast.net) and only on emails my work domain @zeelandlumber.com

The rules work on my email account @zeelandlumber.com

The rules work on my email account @Karima ben .com

The rules work on my pop3 email account @ comcast.net unless the emails are sent from @zeelandlumber.com then it won't move them

I have run scanpst.exe and that did fix most of my issues except @zeelandlumber.com

I have also deleted all rules run scanpst.exe and started over and I am down to this last issue

Thanks for your help


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Outlook Management
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  1. JeffYang-MSFT 6,231 Reputation points

    Hi Jim @James Crosby ,

    Before going further, what's the version of your current Outlook 365? To avoid known version-related issues, please make sure you have upgraded your Outlook to the latest version.

    I'm trying to retell the issue you have encountered, you are using Outlook 365 desktop client on a new device and you have a POP email account which has an Outlook rule(automatically move incoming messages which are from your domain email account to specific folders of your POP account), and this rule cannot work fine after migrating to the new device, right?

    If yes, how did you add your POP email account to the new device? By add the POP email account with an existed datafile? Or by completely refresh configuration?
    And can this rule work fine if you manually run it via Home > Move > Manage Rules and Alerts > Run Rules Now?

    As I know, Outlook rules for POP account will not sync between different device. So, once you migrate to a new device, you need to recreate those Outlook rules in your new Outlook client. In order to conduct further researches on your issue, please try the following suggestions:

    1. The SRS file contains the settings you set through the Send/Receive dialog in Outlook and if the SRS file is corrupted, issues like this may also happens. So, please try to exit your Outlook client, rename or remove the SRS file of the POP account and restart your Outlook to see if the issue has any difference.
      SRS file location: drive:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Outlook
    2. Lengthy rule names and similar rules might cause this issue. Please try to rename shorter names and temporarily disable other Outlook rules, run this rule only to see if the issue still continues.
    3. Also, as mentioned above, if you added your POP account with existed datafiles or something else, corrupted datafiles and account settings might cause Outlook rule work abnormal. It is suggested for you to try a completely fresh configuration in a new Outlook profile(Control Panel > Mail > Show profile), and then only add this single rule to see if the issue has any difference. If this issue could be resolved, then you could continue to add other rules and email account.

    Hope this can be helpful.

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  2. Sudarshana Rao Duttaluri 1 Reputation point

    thank you. its useful

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