Remove-FileLabel cmdlet is getting stuck sometimes

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I have been exploring the new Microsoft Purview Infromation Protection PowerShell Module. I have been testing Remove-FileLabel cmdlet.

Remove-FileLabel -Path "C:\Users\user\Documents\sample" -JustificationMessage "Migration Requirement"

It's getting stuck sometime after when there is large file share around 10 K or more.

I want to understand why this error comes. Is there any limitation of this cmdlet.


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  1. Rich Matheisen 45,831 Reputation points

    Is "sample" a file or a folder?

    The example from the cmdlets' help shows the need for a trailing "\" if a local folder is used as the -Path parameter value.

    For example:

    If that doesn't help, try adding the "-Verbose" switch to the cmdlet. Keep in mind that verbose output is sent to a separate stream. If you don't run the command interactively, you'll have to redirect the verbose stream to some other stream. See here for examples:

    Edit: I didn't notice that the text editor will remove a single "\" character in some cases unless it't typed as TWO backslash characters.

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