why will my IIS Server only authenticate server admins on login screen?

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I have an IIS server running a program supplied by a vendor on our intranet, when I try to access the webpage it loads fine, users then need to login to the page to be able to access the webpage, this is to stop unwanted users accessing the page. the issue is that when I try to login in here using windows credentials, only server administrators accounts are able to authenticate on the server.

how can I make it so that all users can authenticate on the webpage?

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  1. MotoX80 32,746 Reputation points

    You need to share the details of what you have configured in order for forum users to be able to help you.

    I assume that you have enabled IIS basic authentication on the site. Correct?

    What NTFS permissions did you apply to the folder? IE, how do you identify authorized users?

    Are you using Active Directory or local accounts?

    Are the users including the AD domain in the username field or did you set the Default Domain in the IIS authentication settings?

    Did you check the Security eventlog to see what logon failure occurs?

    Have you reviewed what you configured with your software vendor? Typically, web based software has some user authentication built into it and does not rely on basic authentication.

    If you are using AD accounts, have you tried using Integrated Authentication?

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