MS Graph - where to find detectedAppID for windowsProtectionState

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We are currently building a reporting system for all Client / Server Systems, which should contain Intune Configs / State and Defender Informations. All our Clients (win 10 / 11) are intune managed with Defender Policies + ATP Onboarded.

As far as I got, I'm able to get all intune managed devices with basic infos via

Then I tried to retreive the Protection state, but I need a "detectedAppId" before I can retreive the state per unique device id. I tried to get the AppId via below graph call, but I got nothing in return (only 200 OK)$filter=displayName eq 'Windows Defender Antivirus'

    "@odata.context": "$metadata#deviceManagement/detectedApps",
    "@odata.count": 0,
    "": "Use $select to choose only the properties your app needs, as this can lead to performance improvements. For example: GET deviceManagement/detectedApps?$select=deviceCount,displayName",
    "value": []

When I check the "Discovered Apps" in Intune, I don't see any entry for Defender nor AntiVirus nor AntiMalware or something else.

Which "detectedAppId" is required for the below graph call?{detectedAppId}/managedDevices/{managedDeviceId}/windowsProtectionState

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  1. CarlZhao-MSFT 40,226 Reputation points

    Hi @Kahr Michael

    You can try listing the detectedApps directly and it should return the corresponding detectedAppId for you.

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    Hope this helps.

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  2. Kahr Michael 5 Reputation points

    I have now created a list of all detected Apps (26.928 entries), but only found 5 entries for defender and all of them are for Apple Mac, nothing for windows OS.

    How can I get the status of the applied policies (Defender as minimum) to windows clients from intune?

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