Do I still have my emails in my original email account when I setup Outlook?

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When I setup an email account in outlook are my emails and folders contained in both accounts? When I delete an email or folder in outlook does it remain in my original email account? Can I import my contacts from my original email account? I don't want to delete anything from my original account when I setup outlook that is why I am asking these questions. Thanks

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  1. Diwas Shrestha 75 Reputation points Student Ambassador

    When you set up an email account in Outlook, the behavior depends on the type of email account and how you configure it. Let me address your questions one by one:

    1. Email and folder synchronization:
      • If you set up your account using IMAP or Microsoft Exchange, your emails and folders will typically be synchronized between Outlook and your original email account. This means you'll see the same emails and folder structure in both places.
      • If you use POP3, by default, emails are downloaded to Outlook and can be removed from the server, depending on your settings.
    2. Deleting emails or folders in Outlook:
      • With IMAP or Exchange, deletions in Outlook will usually be reflected in your original email account as well, as these protocols keep everything synchronized.
      • With POP3, deletions in Outlook typically only affect your local Outlook data and not the original email account.
    3. Importing contacts:
      • Yes, you can usually import contacts from your original email account to Outlook. The process may vary depending on your email provider, but Outlook generally has options for importing contacts from various sources.
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