How to debug ASP.NET Core's source code using Rider?

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So, I'm trying to debug ASP.NET Core's source code (specifically Mvc slnf as it's what I mostly use in my day to day) using Rider but every time the debugger hits a break-point it tries to start for 1-2 seconds and then process stops/crashes. I've also tried debugging it by starting the project with the dotnet CLI and then attaching a debugger to the actual process but the same thing happens - the process doesn't crash I believe, it freezes?

Anyway, has anybody been able to successfully debug the source code using Rider? Any help/feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!

Extra information(?): I'm running the MvcFormSample project, and I've done everything the contribution/build guide says. The changes I make also seem to be reflected when running the project, the only thing not working is the debugging. The dotnet version I'm using withing the environment is 9.0.100-preview.6.24316.4.

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    rider typically does not support a new .net version until after the production release. see current support:

    for example the general release of .net 8 was 11/14/2023, and rider support for .net 8 was 12/13/2023, just a month after.

    note: visual studio code and the c# dev kit should work to debug.

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