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I am trying to create an Ubuntu (22.04) server through Azure for a class. I have created 3 which temporarily stay up, I access them via SSH no problem. Once I am in the process of installing programs (Apache, MySQL and PHP) the download will suddenly freeze, I cannot abort the process and upon returning to the Azure page, I see the error: "server-name virtual agent status is not ready. Troubleshoot the issue." I have attempted to troubleshoot this on my own via the automatic help as well as other forum posts however nothing is working long-term. I was able to get it working for 2 minutes one day after a restart before abruptly losing the SSH connection with the same error. Again when I redeployed without also reapplying like I normally would and I lost the error, however I could not connect and it returned again after I refreshed.

Today while meeting with my instructor, I tried to recreate the issue and instead of the usual 30-60 minutes I may have to work before receiving the error and losing all of my work I immediately got it before I had a chance to connect. I have tried redeploy, reapply, restart, stop and start, deleting and recreating, reinstalling the Linux agent.

Azure Virtual Machines
Azure Virtual Machines
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    Thanks for posting your question in the Microsoft Q&A forum.

    Try the following steps

    • Ensure your VM has adequate CPU, memory, and disk space for the operations you're performing. Consider upgrading to a larger VM size if necessary.
    • Confirm that the NSG associated with your VM allows inbound traffic on port 22 for SSH and any other required ports.
    • Use Azure's boot diagnostics and serial console to check for any boot-related issues or error messages that might explain the VM's instability.
    • Try manually updating or reinstalling the Azure Linux Agent on the VM to ensure proper communication with Azure services.
    • Instead of manually installing software after connecting via SSH, consider using Azure's custom script extension to automate the installation process.

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