Can my blob storage vault backup be stored on a different tier to the live data?

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I'm looking at backup options for my blob storage. I have around 70TB of documents that I'd like to backup.

Operational backups are something I'd like to enable, my data shouldn't change so I think the costs will be quite low for this (since there won't be multiple versions of files?).

I don't believe this protects against intentional/malicious activity (E.g. someone purposely deleting my storage account/azure account). I have found the Azure blob storage vaulted backup solution, which i believe would offer me the protection I require.

I'm struggling to work out how much it costs (I assume since it is still in preview, that is why i don't see it on the azure calculator?). I assume with my storage account being 70TB RA-GRS Cool blob storage, it'll basically be the same cost as that again?

Am i able to store the backups in the archive tier but have my live data in hot/cool? would backups have any compression on them to reduce the amount of storage?

thanks for any help you can give me

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  1. SadiqhAhmed-MSFT 41,456 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Hello @Anthony Barlow Thank you for posting your question on Microsoft Q&A platform. Happy to answer any questions you may have!

    Let's break down your questions and concerns about Azure Blob Storage backup options:

    1. Operational Backups and Cost

    You mentioned that your data doesn't change often, which means you might not need frequent backups with multiple versions. This reduces the cost of operational backups since you won't incur charges for frequent write operations. Azure Blob Storage charges for write operations (like uploads), so infrequent changes mean lower operational backup costs.

    2. Protection Against Intentional/Malicious Activity

    You correctly identified that operational backups might not protect against intentional or malicious actions (like someone deleting your storage account). For such scenarios, a separate, secure backup solution like Azure Blob Storage Vaulted Backup is essential. This offers additional protection by keeping a secure copy of your data in a separate vault.

    3. Cost of Azure Blob Storage Vaulted Backup (Preview)

    As of my last update, Azure Blob Storage Vaulted Backup was in preview, and therefore, it might not appear on the Azure Pricing Calculator. Pricing for preview features can vary and may not be publicly listed until they are generally available. Typically, for such services, costs are somewhat aligned with the storage costs of the data being backed up, but specifics can vary.

    Given your 70TB of RA-GRS Cool blob storage, if you were to estimate the cost of vaulted backup, it might indeed be roughly equivalent to the cost of storing that 70TB again, but this can vary based on the actual pricing structure when the feature exits preview.

    4. Storage Tiers for Backups

    You asked whether you can store backups in the Archive tier while keeping live data in the Hot or Cool tier. Yes, Azure Blob Storage allows you to choose different storage tiers for different data needs. Storing backups in the Archive tier can significantly reduce costs compared to Hot or Cool tiers, although retrieval times are longer.

    5. Compression for Backup Data

    Azure Blob Storage does not automatically compress data for storage. If you want to reduce storage costs through compression, you would need to implement compression in your application before uploading data to Azure Blob Storage. Keep in mind that some file types, such as already compressed formats (like JPEG for images or MP3 for audio), may not benefit much from further compression.

    Hope this clarifies. Please let us know if you have any further concerns!

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