Where I can find updated testing tools and requirements specification related to Smart Card Minidriver Certification Test?

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Smart Card Minidriver Certification Test refers to quite outdated minidriver implementation testing tool which refers to "Smart Card Minidriver Certification Requirements for Windows Base Cryptographic Service Provider (Base CSP) and Smart Card Key Storage Provider (KSP)" dated 2008 year!!
There was some important development and market changes related to smart card utilisation so test suites should reflect those changes as well. There are smart cards on the market which are not "read only" nor "full read/write" cards (for example some card keys/certificates can be written but some NOT).
Some test scripts used by Microsoft Certification programme looks also outdated and somehow "surprised by" new features introduced within new Windows OS, so those tests dated 2008 are not longer suitable to completely and correctly test modern minidriver implementations!
For example since Windows8, there is introduced 5 seconds timer on smart card transaction which externally resets card connection if not actively utilised for longer that 5 seconds, but it looks that Microsoft's own "quality assurance testing scripts" have to clue about existences of this new timeout protection :(
We see that some minidrivers test scenarios start smart card transaction so early before scripts are finally calling minidriver API, that when minidriver is called and smart card session handle is passed it is ALREADY TERMINATED (sic!) so there is no way to pass certain tests by minidriver implementation if test orchestrator is so poorly written...
Maybe it is a time to update smart card related tests and publish something more up to date that document dated 2008 ?! Common Microsoft Software Certification Team (- you can do it better!
It is called "WHQL" which stands to "QUALITY" LAB - so testing tools can not be so outdated and flawed, doesn't it?

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