Scheduled Tasks Running Out of Schedule

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We've noticed an issue that started occurring after migrating to Windows Server 2016. Scheduled Tasks that are configured to run on multiple days will run out of schedule. For example, we have a task that runs at 7PM ET on M,T,W,Th and F. The option to run as soon as possible if missed is unchecked. We noticed that these tasks would run on certain Sundays, out of schedule but at the time they should run M-F.

I finally determined that this only occurs after we apply monthly patches and reboot the servers. In the attached example, the task scheduler history shows Missed Task Start Rejected as soon as the server comes back up after a reboot 2:05 PM. Then at 7PM, it runs even though not scheduled to run that day since it was a Sunday and was only supposed to run M-F.

Any ideas what I'm missing?

I've also had issues in 2016 with tasks that run monthly such as on the 2nd of every month. At the time they were supposed to run, the history would show they were missed and they never ran. I ended up having to create one time schedules for those as a workaround. Seems like bugs in the task scheduled to me as this was never an issue in 2000, 2003 or 2008. We never ran scheduled tasks on 2012 for these systems so I don't know if the problem existed there.


Windows Server 2016
Windows Server 2016
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  1. Dave Patrick 394K Reputation points MVP

    I'd suggest starting a case here with product support on this one.

    Note: a card is required to secure the support contract but support is also free for confirmed bugs.

    If you didn't want to go that route you can report this as feedback here on uservoice.

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  2. MotoX80 27,546 Reputation points

    Earlier this year I tried to help some users in the old Technet forum who had problems with scheduling tasks.

    One user reported that deleting and recreating the tasks fixed it. Changing the "Configure for:" setting may also have an impact.

    From what I recall, we were speculating that the change to/from Daylight Saving Time, and/or scheduling a task to run at exactly at the local time that corresponds to midnight GMT time may also play a role.

    I also wrote a script to try to monitor the "next run time" of a given task to try to monitor when it was scheduled and see if anyone could pinpoint a date/time/event where it changed. You could try that and monitor one of your tasks to see if that offers any insight into the scheduling.

    In the end, I suggested that someone who has the problem should open a case with Microsoft product support because it appeared that there was nothing that the peer support forum could do to help. No one has replied since then.

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  3. Jenny Yan-MSFT 9,301 Reputation points

    1.Did you check the settings configured under condition tab which controls the task when computer is power off.

    2.Did you create some more scheduled tasks that has checked "Delay task for up to (random delay) "?

    There used to be a known issue for server 2008 that some tasks that are not randomly delayed tasks will be postponed until the randomly delayed tasks are processed.

    Hope this helps and please help to accept as Answer if the response is useful.


  4. rpodric 81 Reputation points

    The only "solutions" I've found/read about are:

    1) Deleting/recreating the tasks (as mentioned above) twice a year (after the time change occurs in your area)
    2) Giving up and changing the time on these problematic monthly tasks to UTC and enabling "Synchronize across time zones" in the trigger.

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