FSLogix ProfileDisks cant be mounted

Dominic Höfer 1 Reputation point

Hello everyone,

we have following issue since yesterday and cant get FSLogix ProfileDisks working. After login the user gets a local profile and the ProfileDisks isnt mounted. in the logs we can see that FSLogix is able to successful mount the vhdx but instantly dismount it again with following error:

[14:34:05.368][tid:00000f1c.00001348][INFO] VHD(x) open request returning after 78 milliseconds for \\path\to\profiledisk\Profile_disk.VHDX [14:34:05.401][tid:00000f1c.00001348][INFO] Attached vhd(x) successfully [14:34:05.401][tid:00000f1c.00001348][INFO] VHD(x) attach request returning after 31 milliseconds [14:34:26.795][tid:00000f1c.00001348][INFO] WaitForSingleObject WAIT_TIMEOUT [14:34:26.799][tid:00000f1c.00001348][INFO] Detached vhd(x) [14:34:26.799][tid:00000f1c.00001348][INFO] VHD(x) Detach request returning after 0 milliseconds [14:34:26.801][tid:00000f1c.00001348][INFO] Status set to 16: Cannot retrieve virtual disk identifier

it was working fine for us the last couple of weeks. we didnt change anything since yesterday.

what we already tried:

  • reinstall and delete FSLogix registry keys
  • change folder permission to "everyone"
  • uninstalled two Windows Updates installed on 30. November - kb4588962 & kb4586839
  • we can successfully mount and map the vhdx manually
  • chkdsk on vhd is fine
  • new user creates a vhd but doesnt use it, instead a local profile is created
  • we checked gpresult to make sure the GPOs applied.
  • restarted server mutliple times

thank you very much, none of our users is able to use our RDS right now and we really need to fix this. we migrated from UPD to FSLogix primary because of its better compatibility and stability but we never had such an big issue with UPD yet.

kind regards
D. Höfer

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  1. Karlie Weng 8,216 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Hello@Dominic Höfer

    If the local user profile is used, you can try add the following registry value.


    or you can check Status, reason, and error codes for more error details.

    Trouble Shooting Guide for FSLogix products

    Hope this helps a bit.....


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    Best Regards

  2. Karlie Weng 8,216 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Hi @Dominic Höfer

    Have you go through this basic Trouble Shooting Guides?

    I also find a FSLogix Troubleshooting guide for your reference.

    Best Regards

  3. Micheal Thompson 1 Reputation point

    I am still experiencing this issue as of 13/05/2021.

    Multiple customers experiencing this, it's random. Did anyone find a fix for this yet? I see some people mentioning to just roll back to release 2004 of FSLogix should I try this?

    I am also going to try the registry key people who have previously mentioned CleanUpInvalidSessions.

    Did have one customer who was running 2 Citrix VDAs and this was happening daily have since removed a VDA and increased the Ram/CPU of the single VDA to match that of 2 VDA servers. And it doesn't happen anymore? Yes, I have concurrent sessions enabled.


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