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Windows 8 UWP XAML - Popup Keyboard - Loss of Data


We have a UWP app (via Window store) that has been production for quite a while. Nothing has changed with the app.

Last 6 or 7 months, users have reported that data is not being saved via a TestBox (most of the time it works, but times it fails). The user sees the text entered in the input box, but never saves. No errors being reported.

The problem does not happen if using a Bluetooth keyboard, only via the virtual popup keyboard.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance, Paul.

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The better way is that provide us the code about above issue. I suppose the textbox has not been focused when typing with Visual keyboard.

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Sorry, I cannot provide the code due to IP restrictions.

The input has got focused and can see the text being entere in the textbox.

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This issue only occurs in Windows 8 WinRT App ?

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