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Where can I find updated documentation for WPF Charting

I have been searching for documentation for charting in a WPF application. I find references that are close to an answer, but never quite make it. I am developing WPF application with the MVVM pattern. I am not hard coding anything in the code behind. Just looking for XAML documentation so I can create the Chart UI is a challenge. Available solutions on the internet fall way short of a custom look. For example. There are three places on my chart where I want a label. I know the X,Y value of those places and want to point them out with the label. But I cannot figure out how and the examples of labels I have found are in third party packages, which I cannot use. Other finds include documentation that is 10 or 11 years old and no longer supported.

What does one use to create charts and graphs today?

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My code is for a business. It may or may not be licensed to others at some point so I can't use a commercial product such as the one you pointed to.

I was looking for information on how to use native chart controls in my WPF application. Something a little more modern than 12 years ago.

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