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Hi I have problem to logon locally with a Windows 10 20H2 after I trying re-join my computer. The computer is now Workgroup mode and I don´t remember the locally account password. When I started the computer in Recover mode CMD. I cannot see my Default logon with command Net User, see below ![45437-image.png][1] [1]: /api/attachments/45437-image.png?platform=QnA How will I do to reset the default account (Jonas) Please help me

Windows 10 Security
Windows 10 Security
Windows 10: A Microsoft operating system that runs on personal computers and tablets.Security: The precautions taken to guard against crime, attack, sabotage, espionage, or another threat.
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    That solution works ,

    The details are:

    1. Boot off a Windows 10 DVD (or USB)reset-windows-10-password-replace-utilman
    2. When the WINDOWS SETUP screen appears, press SHIFT+F10 to launch a CMD window
    3. Type ren d:\windows\system32\utilman.exe utilman.exe.bak and press the ENTER key
    4. Type copy d:\windows\system32\cmd.exe d:\windows\system32\utilman.exe and press the ENTER key
    5. Exit the Windows 10 setup (just power down)
    6. Boot normally to your hard drive
    7. At the Login Screen click the EASE OF ACCESS icon (beside the Power icon in the bottom right corner of the screen). Because of step reset-windows-10-password-create-admin4, this will launch a CMD window
    8. Type net user test /add and press the ENTER key
    9. Type net localgroup administrators test /add and press the ENTER key
    10. Press ALT+F4 to close the CMD prompt
    11. Click the Power icon (bottom right corner of the screen) and select RESTART
    12. Sign in as TEST without a password

    This created a local administrator named TEST. If you are on a domain use the username .\test and no password.

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  1. r0nrules 1 Reputation point

    Or simply run sfc /scannow

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    Reboot into the install CD or USB Installer that you used earlier.

    Click on Troubleshoot, then Advanced options, and finally Command Prompt.

    At the command prompt type the following command:

    copy c:\utilman.exe c:\windows\system32\utilman.exe
    Confirm the overwriting by answering Yes. Reboot your computer. Profit!

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  3. MTG 991 Reputation points

    I did not test with every version, know. If your machine is slow, it could be that defender is not active, yet :-) But it shouldn't work anymore starting with some defender update in 2019 (no matter what Win10 version).

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  4. MTG 991 Reputation points

    The suggested solutions using the utilman hack will not work if windows defender is active since it detects usage of renamed utilman.exe

    1st of all, WinPE or the recovery environment is not windows and will not see the accounts within windows, so it's normal that net user does not show your windows users.
    2ndly, the quickest and easiest way to activate the local admin is the following:

    reg load HKLM\TEMP c:\windows\system32\config\sam
    for /f "tokens=3" %a in ('reg query HKLM\TEMP\SAM\Domains\Account\Users\000001F4 /v F') do set str=%a
    set str=%str:2000011=2000010%
    reg add HKLM\TEMP\SAM\Domains\Account\Users\000001F4 /v F /t REG_BINARY /d %str% /f
    reg unload HKLM\TEMP

    That requires the letter c: to be assigned to your windows system drive within the recovery environment, of course.
    Execute those lines, then reboot and logon as "administrator" without a password (unless you set one before disabling the account).

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