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Milan Mudrinic 1 Reputation point

I'm have idea but im not sure how to implement.

I want windows server >2012 use two NIC.

One is for clients computers (i already make that Network segment with domain isolation trough IPsec) - clients means just access to shares on server and access to MSSQL and MYSQL database. That network use one segment of IP address - for example 192.168.0.x.

I want use second NIC for admin parts of LAN - mean same access as clients plus basic administration of active directory (this no need IPSec).

I want to stop spy clients (guests OS who just connect to LAN - on clients side) to watch IP traffic over admin part of LAN, that's why NIC teaming isn't good option.

If someone has good advice or example how to do that?

P.S. Hyper-V isnt option.

With regards Milan.

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  1. Dave Patrick 415.2K Reputation points MVP

    You can read on here about this.

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  2. Milan Mudrinic 1 Reputation point

    Yep i already read that (one of first post i read). I know all about problems using two NIC thats why ask question. I dont have clear solution. I make something but without IPSec. When i include IPsec everything is fail.

    With regards.

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  3. Dave Patrick 415.2K Reputation points MVP

    Multi-homing a domain controller will always cause no end to grief for active directory domain DNS. It isn't recommended to install other applications / roles on a domain controller. Better option is to install active directory domain services on it's own windows instance and application's on another separate instance of windows. If hyper-v isn't an option you may need another hypervisor solution or possibly separate physical boxes to accomplish the task.

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