Possible to take an non in memory table from an ERP and make it in memory

Jonathan Brotto 286 Reputation points

We have SQL server 2014 and would like to test on our test database the in memory functionality of SQL 2014. Is there a way to convert a table?

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  1. Erland Sommarskog 100.9K Reputation points MVP

    You cannot "convert" the table, but you can move the existing table to a different schema (for instance the guest schema) and then create an in-memory version of that table and copy data over.You would also have to transfer indexes as needed. On SQL 2014, there is no support for foreign keys on in-memory tables.

    Beware that once you have created an in-memory table, you can never remove the in-memory filegroup, even if you drop all in-memory tables.

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  1. David Browne 111 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Use the "Memory Optimization Advisor" in SSMS.

    The memory-optimization advisor allows you to:

    Identify any features used in a disk-based table that are not supported for memory-optimized tables.

    Migrate a table and data to memory-optimized (if there are no unsupported features).

    For information about migration methodologies, see In-Memory OLTP - Common Workload Patterns and Migration Considerations.