Beam like pointers invisible in text field in RDP client

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I'm part of a team actively working on a HTML5 RDP client. Pointers received by the TS_COLORPOINTERATTRIBUTE PDU are transformed into cursor pointer files and applied using the CSS cursor attribute. This works except for beam like pointers! They are rendered transparent?

I created a tool to ease investigation and visually show the received XOR mask, AND mask and structure of the cursor image.

These are the contents of a valid 1 bpp monochrome cursor image created from data with a valid XOR and AND mask.

These are the contents of an invalid 1 bpp monchrome beam cursor image created from data with a possible inverted XOR mask and completely set AND mask.
Because the AND mask is completely set the pointer is transparent. Does this mean the AND mask is invalid?
Also the XOR mask seems to be inverted? Even if there was a valid AND mask it would probably still be rendered transparent when following the monochrome drawing rules.

Because it's unclear if this is normal behavior or not a workaround was implemented. A new AND mask is created by inverting the XOR mask. And a new XOR mask is then created which is completley unset. Then the pointer works.

These are the contents of a fixed 1 bpp monochrome cursor image created from data with an invalid XOR and AND mask.

I'd like to know why the AND mask is completely set for beam like pointers?
And if I'm creating the cursor image in a wrong way?

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    Thanks for posting your question on RDS forum. But per your description, you query is more related to the graphical interaction while our forum is mainly focussing on dicussion of RDS deployment or connection related problems.

    Therefore, there are fewer and limited information we could suggest to help your issue.

    Since then, to better address your question, you could take a look at the developer forum and find relevant tag to identify your question and looking for advice from the experts.
    Forum and community for Windows developer support

    Hope this helps and please help to accept as Answer if the response is useful.


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