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Problem with Microsoft account privacy settings on Xbox

Recently I have been trying to use Xbox live with Minecraft to play multiplayer with friends. I own an Xbox one with Minecraft on it that I wanted to use to play with my friends, but when I connected my Xbox to wifi, signed in to my Xbox live account, and then tried to play online with my friends, Minecraft gave me a message that stated “You cannot play online multiplayer through Xbox live because of how your account is set up”. So I went to the website the message described ( and changed my account settings to allow friends and multiplayer through Xbox live but when I sign back onto Minecraft through Xbox live and tried to play with my friends again it gave the exact same message. I was about to give it up when I discovered something interesting; when I signed on to Minecraft using my Xbox account but on a mobile device It allowed me to have friends and use multiplayer.
So all I want to know is this: How can I fix this Microsoft/Xbox live account problem so I can play multiplayer through Xbox live on my Xbox one?

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