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Windows 10 FileHistory issue


We used FileHistory for years, to save data on an external HD 2T. Recently I realized that the "copy sessions" had become very short in time, and it turned out that nothing was copied anymore on the external disk, and this for months !!! I tried the easy tricks, activating/desactivating FileHistory - nothing changed. My HD has > 1T free still.
Then I deleted everything on my external disk and reformated it. I deleted the configuration and data files of FileHistory libraries on my HD C.
I reselected the external HD, reactivated FileHistory. I was able to do a full backup with Windows 7 tool, with a system image. The libraries of FileHistory were recreated on the disk C and on the external HD...but they remain empty !!! No error messages !!

Could BitLocker be responsible for that (my disk Cis encrypted, but not the external drive) ??

So what ?

Thanks for help.


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