Where is the Access for Developers forum

Isladogs 16 Reputation points

The MSDN Access for Developers forum is transferring here permanently on 6th Jan 2021.
However I can't find it here. Where is it?

Office Management
Office Management
Office: A suite of Microsoft productivity software that supports common business tasks, including word processing, email, presentations, and data management and analysis.Management: The act or process of organizing, handling, directing or controlling something.
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  1. Dave Patrick 343.2K Reputation points MVP

    You'll find them over here.

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  2. Isladogs 16 Reputation points

    Thanks but...

    1. The First link is to the existing MSDN Access for Developers forum which closes on 6th Jan 2021 as I stated
    2. The second link is to the MS Community site which I'm also aware of.

    The link on the MSDN forum explicitly states the forum is moving to Microsoft Q & A ...

  3. Dave Patrick 343.2K Reputation points MVP

    There isn't a specific "access" tag here on QnA, you can also try here.
    Technical questions about VBA programming in Office.

    or possibly
    Technical questions about Office desktop applications that cannot be covered by other tags for IT Pro, like Access and etc.

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  4. Isladogs 16 Reputation points

    Once again thanks but you are confirming what I thought from my own searches here.
    Despite the clearly stated banner message on the MSDN Access and Excel Developers Forums, there will be no equivalent provision here at Q & A.
    As you are, I believe, the forum moderator at the MSDN forums site, it would be helpful if the message were changed to reflect the true situation. Or better still, that the existing forum either remains open or is replaced by something at least as good as what exists now. Access and Excel are still widely used products even if not considered 'flavour of the month' compared to more recent MS products

  5. Dave Patrick 343.2K Reputation points MVP

    I fully agree with you that access dev, excel dev, word dev, etc. all need to have their own tags here on QnA. You can make that as a suggestion here as site feedback. (I also made a back channel request)

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