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SSIS tool evaluation related queries

Hello All,

I need below information about SSIS tool for data integration and ETL needs:

Development effort:

The development effort , time and complexity is more in general?


Is it less maintainable?

Error Handling:

Only possesses a single log file? or possesses a log and error port in every transform?
What kind of errors can be handled?

Various teams needed:

Separate Administration team or Unix or NT Admin will suffice needed works. hence it does not need a dedicated administer?

File Structure:

Only able to read record with single type of delimiter?

Data Integration Capability:

ODI boasts comparatively lesser range of Data Integration Products and capability which includes many related functions such as profiling and data quality ? Also, if it offers these capabilities then these are more mainstream in nature?

Market Segments:

Serves medium to large scale companies?


Is it offer easy debugging? Example -just place some watchers on required places and intermediate data will be saved in temporary files for easy viewing. or complex debugging process through debugger?

Company Strategy:

You can download a scaled down free version of their software and plenty of free documents available on internet?

Go live rate:

High “GO Live” success? any know issue during deployment?

Is there any issue with stability? If yes then why is the issue and what is impact?
Which kind of scalability is supported- horizontal, vertical?

Can it supports High volume of data movement, transformation and integration (ETL operations)?
How about parallelism - mapping level parallelism, session level parallelism, supports multiple parallel source and multiple target data loads?

Heterogeneous system:
It integrates data from various heterogeneous systems like multiple variety of databases (SQL server, Oracle, DB2 etc), files (XML, XLS, CSV, text etc)?
Targets can be any type of DB , file etc.?

Big Data support:
It can be integrated and used for Big Data?

On cloud solution:
It is available for both- on cloud and on premises platforms?

Is it free ware - open source? Does it come in basic, standard and enterprise editions flavors? If yes , all flavors are free?

Does it offers repositories ? Those repositories are for metadata?
Host for repositires should be relational database?

Push down mechanism:
Do we have pushdown optimization concepts, where it can generate SQL statements from the workflow/mapping which can be directly executed on database?
It is ETL or ELT tool?

Job scheduling:
Does it come with in-built scheduler?

Version controlling:

Does it offer version controlling?
If yes then it is tightly controlled or moderate?

Tool Bugs:
Any known tool bugs? Any issue due to those bugs?

Anything else you want to highlight?



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1 Answer

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LeonLaude answered


Q&A currently supports the products listed in right-hand pane (more to be added later on)

You can reach the experts in the dedicated SQL Server Integration Services forum over here:

(please don't forget to mark helpful replies as answer)

Best regards,

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