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I have a UWP application sideloaded on ~30 tablets for my company. What is the best way to update the application? Currently, I am manually updating every one - I am able to automate copying the package to the device but I then have connect and run the package to update the app.

There must be a better way...right? We are getting ready to ramp up to more than double the devices.

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    Welcome to Microsoft Q&A!

    You can try to use App Installer file, it is starting with Windows 10, Version 1803, and Visual Studio 2017, Update 15.7, sideloaded apps can be configured to receive automatic updates using an .appinstaller file. The .appinstaller file can be hosted in a shared location like a HTTP endpoint or a UNC shared folder. Users install the app from the shared location and enable periodic checks for new updates. About how to create an App Installer file with Visual Studio, you can refer to this document.

    In addition, when you want to update the app, you just need to publish a new .appinstaller file and a new package with a higher version number in the same web location or file share. About the complete steps, you can refer to this blog.

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