Moving single instance VM to Availability Zone

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I have a VM running on a single instance and I would like to move to it to availability zone but having issue. Here's how I move it:

  1. Enable Disaster Recovery. The VM is currently in US East so I replicated to US East 2 region
  2. Run replication
  3. Run Test Fail Over
  4. Take the snapshot of OS Disk and all other data disks of the Test Fail Over VM
  5. Create a new VM of the snapshot - while creating VM I got this error

New-AzVM : Unable to deserialize the response.
At line:1 char:1

  • New-AzVM -VM $VirtualMachine -ResourceGroupName $dist_resourceGroupNa ...
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • CategoryInfo : CloseError: (:) [New-AzVM], SerializationException
  • FullyQualifiedErrorId : Microsoft.Azure.Commands.Compute.NewAzureVMCommand

Any idea or suggestions to resolve this issue?


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