Help to change INF file for install drivers in windows 10

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Hi everyone.
I have an USB wireless adapter, ID MQ4WUG2400, and the update driver stopped on windows XP version.
I used it until windows 7 but I cannot in windows 10. I would like help to change the INF file to enable the installation in windows 10.
The driver files are in the zip file below, inside Driver folder:
802.11g_Wireless_USB_Adapter (
I added [TexasInstruments.NTamd64.6.1] information in TUSB1150.INF file but didn't work. I tried too install USB wireless adapter choosing AboCom System drivers because they have the WUG2700 version for net adapter on "devices manager" of windows but didn't work.
The Hardware ID is USB\VID_07B8&PID_B21A and in netr7364.inf file has configurations for Abacom USB\VID_07B8&PID_B21B. So, I tried add lines with the informations about USB\VID_07B8&PID_B21A but didn't work.
I don't know if changing only INF files will enable the drivers installation on windows 10 or if would be necessary changing the SYS files to work.

Thank you for any help.

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  1. AliceYang-MSFT 2,081 Reputation points


    Sorry that we do not support changing driver files and we think the action might made the device unusable.

    As you said,

    update driver stopped on windows XP version

    so incompatibility is the reason why it cannot be used on Win 10. And now there is no chance to update the driver.

    But you can post your issue on some third party forums. Users there may have a solution.
    Here are some of them

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  2. Champagne Johnson 1 Reputation point

    You have some options:
    1) Using the [Meta Key] or Search Bar, do a keyword search for the phrase [Device Installation Settings] to make sure Windows is set to automatically go online for latest device drivers. As we are discussing a Wireless Driver, you may not be able to connect to the internet. You can connect via Ethernet. Either way, if Windows is unable to locate the latest driver for your device, you should see an Error Notification popup. (See 2)

    2)  Navigate to [Device Manager] located in the [Control Panel]. Hopefully you will see your adapter listed under [Network adapters] section. [Right click] to select [update drivers]. You should be asked whether you would like Windows to search for one over the internet or [Browse your Computer]. The next window should provide options for you to Navigate to either the Folder where your .inf is located OR the .inf file itself. (Please make sure your archive is unzipped.  

    Tip: You should be able to reach similar options by using [Windows Troubleshooting]. Yet another way would be to [Boot] your machine into the [Windows Recovery Environment] and make all the selections you would IF you were planning to Restore from System Image. When you are prompted by a window asking you to select your System Image, you will see an additional, CLICKABLE option below, offering an opportunity to [Install Drivers] first. Navigate and select your .inf file (which can even be located on a flashdrive, etc). Reboot your machine like normal and it should now either auto install or at least be an installable option.
    Sometimes I will unplug and replug my device to release the cache of unsuccessful changes.

    Hope this helps you.

  3. Champagne Johnson 1 Reputation point

    Oh yeah I failed to explain that option 2 was relevant upon error during option 1 because the [Error Notification Window] should provide an opportunity for you to run [Diagnostics].

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