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i'm making a game engine on sb along with litdev and i need +1 extension which is small basic fun, i just don't know how to install can someone help me please?

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  1. Pappa Lapub 191 Reputation points

    Well, you got me...

    NOT in LD this time (in MoreOptions.dll i think thats also for SB 1.0)

    BUT you can use 'FCDialogs.AskForTextLine' in Fremy's extension for SB12.


    from LitDev's ExtensionMgr

    , build your own 'InputBox' with GraphicsWindow or

    build a C# extension with eg.

    /// <summary>Shows an InputBox (centered on Desktop) und waits for input and confirmation (OK, Cancel).</summary>

    /// <param name="text">Text to show in the InputBox (up to 1024 chars) oder "".</param>
    /// <param name="title">The title for the InputBox or "".</param>
    /// <param name="value">The default value on empty input or canceling.</param>
    /// <returns>The user input on success, else the default value. "FAILED" on error (eg. input "").</returns>
    public static Primitive InputBox(Primitive text, Primitive title, Primitive value)
    Primitive result;
    string text2 = Interaction.InputBox(text, title, value, -1, -1);
    result = ((text2 == "") ? value : text2);
    result = "FAILED";
    return result;
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  1. Pappa Lapub 191 Reputation points

    SmallBasicFun is an old, outdated and not supported extension for SB 1.0.

    I guess you're using the latest SB version, which is v1.2.
    If so, then youre unable to use SmallBasicFun threre. BUT all methods supported by this extension, i'm sure you can replace with LitDev's extension or any other basic methods.

    Simply post your code and pretty sure you'll get solutions without the need of old 'SmallBasicFun' ext.
    ( prob. one of these: only using LitDev ext. or another way.

    PS.: In my opinion this new 'Forum' is a deasaster: Could'nt log in for some days using FF (only old IE11 works for me), where is 'underline'? , Images cannot be accessed/loaded any more by eg. ImageList.LoadImage, wget, (LD)Network.DownloadFile or other extensions aso.
    MS often has the unstyle of changing proven applications to the detriment.

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  2. Nonki Takahashi 591 Reputation points

    Hi @Nomestack , I know only LDDialog.Confirm that has [Yes] [No] [Cancel] buttons.

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