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Persistent SSO with OnPrem ADFS for smartphones

We have an OnPrem ADFS setup for a web application.
The web application is targeting windows 10 clients (kerberos) and smartphones (forms authentication).
Smartphones could connect from the internal network or the internet.

The Problem is that the smartphone users have to authenticate every time they use the web application.
I read something about persistent SSO. This should persist the authentication cookie for several days.
That's what we want.
How can we implement this?

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What version of ADFS are you using?
What OS and browser for the mobile devices?
Are mobile devices redirected to a WAP when connected internally (WiFi I presume) or are they going straight to ADFS?

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Windows Server 2016 with ADFS 4.0 My test device is an android phone with a chrome browser. We also have some special App on android which uses Chromium embedded browser. But it should work on android and apple devices with their native browsers. That's the reason why we considered forms authentication. At the moment we don't have a WAP. They always go straight to ADFS.

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