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Hide all Default Properties and Event Handlers from UserControl

Hide all Default Properties and Event Handlers from UserControl while Implementation

  1. When I implement UserControl in MainPage.XAML , I want to hide all default properties or dependency Properties and Handler's,

  2. I want Only New Dependency Property or New Property.


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Hi, creating your own UserControl actually inherits the UserControl base class. In this process, it inherits the properties, methods, and events that come with UserControl. Can you explain why you want to hide these properties?

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End user getting confused seeing so many properties with multiple control in a usercontrol...tried below its not working



properties are not hiding or removing

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Hi, I am sorry for my previous answer. I tried your code, in UWP, it did not affect the access to the actual properties. I noticed that you also added a WPF tag. Is your project a UWP project or a WPF project?

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