geolocator doesn't work in ios

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i try to listen when the position change ,the app detect it . with android it works well , but in ios it's not working i have followed this: geolocation

async Task StartListening()  
            await DisplayAlert("1", "moving", "OK");  
            await CrossGeolocator.Current.StartListeningAsync(TimeSpan.FromSeconds(5), 10, true, new Plugin.Geolocator.Abstractions.ListenerSettings  
                ActivityType = Plugin.Geolocator.Abstractions.ActivityType.AutomotiveNavigation,  
                AllowBackgroundUpdates = true,  
                DeferLocationUpdates = true,  
                DeferralDistanceMeters = 1,  
                DeferralTime = TimeSpan.FromSeconds(1),  
                ListenForSignificantChanges = true,  
                PauseLocationUpdatesAutomatically = false  
            await DisplayAlert("2", "moving", "OK");  
            CrossGeolocator.Current.PositionChanged += PositionChangedAsync;  

the first alert works but the second doesn't work . please need help

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