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Documentation for ASP.Net Core 3 and Azure AD B2C OpenIdConnectOptions/JwtBearer/Cookie options

I am very frustrated. This is the third time over the past few years I have tried to integrate Azure B2C into a project and failed. I keep trying because it has so much promise. The previous two attempts I finally gave up and decided to use IdentityServer4 and successfully deployed those projects. My latest frustration is the inability to find any consistent documentation for Azure AD B2C. I do understand that the pace of change makes it easy to have incompatible instructions or references to older versions doing web searches, but there needs to be a way to target and find documentation on the latest SUPPORTED (not preview or beta) release of the software.

I followed the instructions here...

until I get to the section

Configure the underlying OpenIdConnectOptions/JwtBearer/Cookie options

and see

// Omitted for brevity

Which is the section I was the most interested in.

Then I switch to trying the examples...

but find that they don't match the instruction in the above article. The examples use preview libraries and change the method for declaring and and setting variables.

While I understand the developer needs to have a fairly thorough understanding of OAuth and OpenID Connect to use Azure AD B2C, I need examples and documentation of how Microsoft implements the various properties and concepts.

BTW I also look into the resources such as the videos on Channel 9 but those mostly highlighted the cool features of B2C but did not get into the details of implementing. I also checked Pluralsight. There was one video that covered Azure B2C but it too skipped over the option configuration sections.

Where can I get training or find consistent documentation for implementing the latest (but not preview) version of Azure B2C with ASP.Net Core 3.1?

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I feel your pain! I just discovered a git repo with what look like some useful samples in netcore 3.1. Use it, don't use it :-)

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