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UPW BroadFileSystemAccess - not working

I am looking at uwp app trying to figure out
1) BroadFileSystemAccess -- I cannot seem to get it to work.
a. I have no plans on putting this into MS Store DO I need to get anything special I added the following to the Package manifest file
IgnorableNamespaces="xx xx xx rescap">
<rescap:Capability Name="broadFileSystemAccess"/>
Add the setting under privacy filesystem 1) turned it on 2) allowed access to file system
Under "Chose Apps which have access to File System" only have two 1) App Install 2) Office APPs -- I think I am missing some !!!

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Hi, do you mean, after adding the broadFileSystemAccess capability, you can't see your app in the relevant settings? Can you provide the complete package.appxmanifest file code? (Modify the question description, select the Code Sample function in the editor, and insert the code into it). Or you can provide a minimum runnable demo so that we can analyze your problem.

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I got it to work, I ran it once and it failed, then I looked at settings --> Privacy --> File System the last section "Choose Which apps can have access" The app was there I enabled it and everything worked. I was looking at "Folder Picker" -- this is a better road as I only give RW to the path which I need access to. IS there an example where I can hard code the Folder for example I want C:\Users\pryan\OneDrive\DATA_Dir for RW - can do it with Folder picker, but looking for a method without user interaction
thanks for the help

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Hi, In UWP, this is not a recommended method. The operation on the non-application folder should be initiated or confirmed by the user, so we recommend using FolderPicker on the selected folder. Of course, after one selection, you can save the folder to FutureAccessList for direct use next time. This is the document.

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