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Following "Storage accounts should be migrated to new Azure Resource Manager resources" recommendation for Cloud service deployment

I want to follow recommendations provided in Azure Portal Advisor, and that gives me the previously stated message telling me to upgrade classic storage to ARM storage. We use it for deploying a Cloud service, which seems to require classic storage. So need a way to resolve this recommendation without disabling the rule on the subscription level, since I still want to catch if someone adds a classic storage account by mistake.

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Greetings @LarsRinde-3233 Welcome to Microsoft Q&A!

Thanks for the question. Azure Storage service is yet to be migrated to Q&A. Please post your question directly on the MSDN forum for the service (Azure Storage forum) for receiving inputs from the targeted audience.

We are actively working to onboard all services. We will make a public announcement once complete.

Thank you for your patience as we evolve the Q&A platform.

Having mentioned that, if I have understood you correctly - Azure Resource Manager (ARM) is the most up-to-date way to manage Azure resources, with template deployments, additional security options, and the ability to upgrade to a GPv2 account for utilization of Azure Storage’s latest features. So, Azure will identify any stand-alone Storage accounts that are using the classic deployment model and recommend migrating to the ARM deployment model.

Also, note that Classic alerts in Azure Monitor have been retired in August 2019. We recommended that you upgrade your classic storage account to use Resource Manager to retain alerting functionality with the new platform. For more information, see Classic Alerts Retirement. I would suggest you migrate storage account to ARM model.

Additionally, kindly checkout the document- Why am I not able to deploy Cloud Services through Service Management APIs or PowerShell when using Azure Resource Manager Storage account for more details on the topic.

You may wish to know about 'Introducing Microsoft Q&A (Preview)' and the supported products/services.

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Hi, thank you for the response! I was told to post here by AzureSupport on Twitter.
I'll check out the forum as well, but seems from the link you posted that it is possible to deploy Cloud Service using ARM storage account now, so should I should be able to solve using REST API and remove old classic storage accounts.

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It is recommended to migrate the existing resources and provision any new resources directly on ARM.

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