Registered AzureML Model from a NotebookVM can not be found

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First here is code for my version:

>>>from azureml.__version__ import __version__ as _azml_version_
>>>from azureml.core import __version__ as _azmlcore_version_
>>>from azureml.train.automl import __version__ as _azmltrain_version_

>>>print('azure', _azml_version_)
>>>print(' core', _azmlcore_version_)
>>>print('train', _azmltrain_version_)
azure 1.0.1b6.post1
core 1.18.0
train 1.18.0

The following cell fails when trying to execute the Model.get_model_path( method and ultimately raises a ModelNotFoundException .
Which is very weird because I can view the model info in the "Microsoft Azure Machine Learning" portal.

>>> model_name = 'total_ridge_20210106'
>>> model_path = f'ridge_src/{model_name}.pkl'
>>> model = joblib.load(model_path)
>>> azmodel = Model.register(model_path=model_path,
>>> model_name=model_name,
>>> tags={'area': "qtc", 'type': "regression"},
>>> description=f"monolithic ridge model",
>>> workspace=ws)
>>> retrieved_path = Model.get_model_path(model_name)

ModelNotFoundException: ModelNotFoundException:
Message: Model not found in cache or in root at ./total_ridge_20210106. For more info,set logging level to DEBUG.
InnerException None

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  1. Ramr-msft 17,621 Reputation points

    @MathBarbarian Thanks for the question. Your workspace is not loading the model. Make sure you register the model in workspace and then you can retrieve the model while deploying as

    def init():
    global model
    # retrieve the path to the model file using the model name
    model_path = Model.get_model_path('ARAGON_CRF_NER')
    model = joblib.load(model_path)