Inconsistencies in azure dashboard tiles

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On an azure dashboard, I am using tiles from Workbooks to display tables of information. I have the following query linked to the tile:

| where customDimensions["MessageType"] contains "xxx"
| project timestamp, Status = iff(message contains "xxx", success="success", success="failed")
| where timestamp > ago(7d)
| take 250
| order by timestamp desc

Although I put in a timestamp range, the tile defaults to the last 24hours. When running this query in log queries using the button on the tile, the following message is displayed on the "Time range" button:

The time range has been changed from the one set in the query.
To switch back to the query time range, select Set in query.

In order for the query to use my set range, I have to manual change the Time range to "Set in query". This does not affect the tile, which still continues to show the past 24hrs.

My 1st question is, is there a way to make sure that the workbook adhere to the range in the query without manually changing the dropdown?

Secondly, custom column widths do not carry over to dashboard tiles, is there a way to fix this?

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