sccm report web issue on some report

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I recently migrate my SCCM server (it does reporting service role) from SSRS 2016 to new server SSRS 2019 with backup / restore procedure.
I remove report services role before backup.
Then I install it on the new server and I have some issue.

If I use SCCM console, I can execute all my report and I can also use : launch report on the web and all is ok.
If I use web browser (IE / chrome ) and try to acces http://nameServer/reports I can access some but I can't for other. It seems to be random because sometime I receive error on one folder and sometime only on some report file in one folder and other report work ok.
I have the same issue if I try to click on "..." to manage them.

The issue I have If I try to click on "..." is : an error occured. Try again later.
The issue I have when I try to clic on some folder / report file is : Failed to load folder content. An error occured, please try again.

I tried to remove reporting service role from SCCM and remove software and install it again but the issue persists.

SQL Server Reporting Services
SQL Server Reporting Services
A SQL Server technology that supports the creation, management, and delivery of both traditional, paper-oriented reports and interactive, web-based reports.
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  1. Garth Jones 2,076 Reputation points

    Did you open port 80 on the SSRS server?
    Are you running Ola Script to keep you DB healthy?
    Have you checked to make sure that you SQL server is healthy?
    Can we assume that you also installed the NEW SSRS update for SQL?

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  2. matteu31 467 Reputation points


    Thank you for your answer.
    I forget to write it but I have the issue locally or remotely.

    SSRS is installed on my SCCM primary site server with all other role (sql, ...).
    I used them before the migration, I need to put them again on my new server.

    My sql server is the new server. If my server was the issue, I couldn't run report from sccm console right ?

    If I use my web browser to execute report -> some work and other no.
    If I use SCCM console -> all work
    If I use SCCM console and choose launch on web browser -> all work.

    I download SSRS from microsoft website here :

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  3. Garth Jones 2,076 Reputation points

    For now only use the web interface. Until this is work 100% there is no point at looking at the console.

    What exactly do you mean some work and other don't Exactly what error are you getting? Timeout?
    Are you running Ola script?
    Have you confirm that SQL is NOT overworked or RAM starved?

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  4. matteu31 467 Reputation points

    Ola script are not setup in the new environment.

    When I try to access "state message folder report" it doesn't open and I have : Failed to load folder content. An error occured try again later.
    When I try to access "Alerts folder report" I have no error and I can execute the report.

    For SQL I say minimal sql requirement 8Go and max 12.
    It's using 8Go now.

    I see my SQL is 2019 RTM. I'm installing CU8 and I update this post after a reboot and new test.

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  5. matteu31 467 Reputation points

    Unfortunately same issue on CU8.

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