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Unsolved problem with 'NoteViewer' in XML。

Dear sir,
I managed to create a sample mentioned here with WPF App and Blank App (Universal Windows)

However, if I use Universal Windows Application, I get a problem here.
Error Lists say "Unknown type 'NoteViewer' in XML in XML namespace~.

I was told that this is because Manufaktura.Controls.UniversalApps.dll is corrupted.
However, I could not fix Manufaktura.Controls.UniversalApps.dll.

Therefore, this time, my plan is to creat a new frame other than "NoteViewer" so that sheet music appears on it.

Because if I delete " <ManufakturaControls:NoteViewer x:Name="noteViewer1" ScoreSource="{Binding Data}" Height="110"/>". there is no error and therefore, it may be possible to do that.

If possible, could you teach me how to make a frame other than "NoteViewer"?

Incidentally, the below is what I wrote." xmlns:x="" xmlns:ManufakturaControls="clr-namespace:Manufaktura.Controls.UniversalApps;assembly=Manufaktura.Controls.UniversalApps" xmlns:d="" xmlns:mc=""
Background="{ThemeResource ApplicationPageBackgroundThemeBrush}">

<ManufakturaControls:NoteViewer x:Name="noteViewer1" ScoreSource="{Binding Data}" Height="110"/>

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Why are you repeating the same question and throwing away the answer? [1],[2],[3]

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>Why are you repeating the same question and throwing away the answer? 7859-コメント-2020-05-04-133935.png I did not throw away those people's assist at all. In fact, I read all of them and tried all. Thanks to those advices, I so far reached here. Howevere, still I have an unsolved problem. Look at this screen shot. See, this is the error I have. And it seems that this problem is worse than before I questioned and solved cuz it has sth to do with dll itself, not my method of how to build dll. In a worst case, I have to give up using UWP and resort to WPF.

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Hello, the controls provided by the third party you are using, you can consult the technical support staff of Manufaktura and ask them how to use their controls in UWP.

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